22 September 2009


Mommie's Lil Peanut will be closed between September 24th and 31st. My family and I are taking a vacation to Walt Disney World! This will be both my daughter and my husband's first time at the parks!
I can't wait- I love Mickey Mouse and I LOVE to go to Disney. :)

This is our first real family vacation and also the first time I am actually taking time off from working. I am all caught up on customs and all in-stock items sold to date have been shipped to their new homes.

I will be missing a stocking on both Bitty Fluff Congo AND A La Mode Congo this week, but I invite you all to visit the shops and check out all the great items my other vendors have posted for you!
Bitty Fluff Congo is stocking at NOON on Friday, September 25th, and A La Mode Congo is stocking at 8pm EST on Thursday, September 24th!

I am also sad to report that our new congo, Nectar, is closing, just a brief time after we opened, but I encourage you to visit the shop and see what our vendors still have posted before the end of the month! Most of these fine vendors are moving to Main Street Congo for the coming months. At this time, I will not be able to make the move with them, but I hope to make some adjustments in my schedule to participate as a vendor there after the new year.

Anyhow, that's what is going on HERE! Go check out the great stuff offered between these wonderful congos and I look forward to working again after the 1st of October!
See you soon!

08 September 2009

Custom Small Messenger Bag

Sorry for the couple "in the works" photos! I really had fun creating this bag, despite the many "hiccups" I had while creating it. It was scaled smaller than my usual bags because the mama didn't need it to be a diaper bag. I really like the sizing and hope to create some more of this particular design both for my shop AND maybe even one for ME!
This bag also features my change in design for the flap of the bag- with a frame of solid fabric around the edges to break up the chaos of a print and also allow me to nicely attach the second design alteration, the buckle closure!
I have had ENOUGH of those crazy magnetic snaps- just HATE them. They are a pain to add in and I find them a pain to use, besides them not allowing for any adjustment in the flap if you need to stuff that one extra thing inside.

23 July 2009

Stocking Day at A La Mode!

Well, look at this... I am so behind on keeping everyone up-to-date on all the fun stuff coming off my sewing table! I'm so ashamed.
I have just been plugging away at so many different things here and there and rushing to make sure that I ship things quickly and return emails quickly and make new fun stuff for all the places that I stock my items. Now I have been neglecting to share all that stuff with you!

I guess I will start today by showing a few things that I am stocking TODAY on A La Mode Congo
(http://hyenacart.com/alamode). To keep my spirits up between long-winded bag creations, I have started creating some smaller accessory items just to keep myself pumped up about new things! It is nice to have a project that I can plan, pattern, start AND FINISH in one afternoon or evening. :)

I know I am not the only diaper bag creator and, well, not EVERYONE needs a diaper bag, or even a wants a handmade one. Some are just content with finding something commercial that works for them and that's great in my humble opinion! Honestly, the main reason I started crafting diaper bags was because I just couldn't find that "thing" that completely suited my needs- SO, I made one instead and grew from there!
That is just about how all of my fun projects come to life. If I can't find what I want, I make it, then I share it with others!

Anyhow, on to the goodies for A La Mode's stocking tonight at 8pm:
First up is a bi-fold wallet featuring a beautiful floral print and stripes from Amy Butler's Lotus Collection

Next up are 2 fun eyeglass sleeves. BOTH are up for 48 HOUR AUCTION!!! Come sign up while you can!
There is a bumblee print one for children, lined with super soft fleece to protect their lenses from scratches. That one is IS actually big enough to fit small to medium sized adult glasses- as my own glasses fit inside it, but I thought the print was more fun for a child so I sized it slightly shorter than my usual pattern.

The other is an adult sized sleeve with my all-time-favorite stripe fabric. I used this SAME fabric on my OWN back pack diaper bag (the very first one I made). However, I no longer have the selvage edge to properly acknowledge the fabric designer. :( If anyone knows who it belongs to I would love to hear! It is lined in a light green cotton and stuffed with a layer of batting to add some protection for your eye (or sun) glasses.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, maybe my most favorite item this stocking....
Inspired by my favorite pair of jeans, this little zippered bag is made of shabby chic denim! Featuring a fun little strap handle that you can wear around your wrist, this bag is great for any jean-loving lady! No colors to match, it's just denim and a black handle.
Use it at a purse- it is quite roomy- or even as a fun make-up holder. Whatever you decide, just like your favorite jeans, this little number should stand up to a lot of abuse!

03 July 2009

Lil Mommie Diaper Bag Set!

I always love to see little things like this that help children imitate their grown-ups! I know my daughter LOVES to do every single thing that I do. She even has to have a purse that looks just like mine. So I was really excited to come up with this cute Lil Mommie Diaper Bag Set! It features the ever-adorable Strawberry Shortcake and is just the right size for a toddler/small child to baby her little dolls, including 2 mini cloth wipes and a mini burp cloth both backed with Bamboo Terry, a mini blanket backed with soft Cuddle Plush Minky, a roll up mini changing pad, and a generously sized mini tote bag to carry it all and more!
It is available for purchase on A La Mode Congo at http://hyenacart.com/alamode under my vendor header "Mommie's Lil Peanut" for anyone that might be interested in it!

Amanda's Apparel Customs!

24 June 2009

Inside of Tara's Computer Bag

I couldn't get all the pictures in one post so here are the remaining photos showing the inside of Tara's custom computer bag!

Tara's Bag is Complete!

Finally Tara's computer bag is finished! These are photos of the outside of her completed bag :)

22 June 2009

Finally something for my daughter!

Well I was finally able to sit down today and create this dress for my daughter! She LOVES the Ooga Booga monsters and I was so excited when I learned that they were going to be printed in pink colors. Since my combined 10 yards (yes TEN YARDS) of both pink colorways arrived, Emily has been talking about the "pink monsters". I had promised I would make her something with them and decided that today was the day.
She sat on my fabric mat as I drew the pattern and cut out the pieces for this during the day. I wasn't able to finish constructing it until well after she was asleep, so I am hoping that it will be a great surprise in the morning!

18 June 2009

Tara's Computer Bag

These are a couple "in progress" photos of Tara's custom bag. She wanted this for her laptop and for bringing to school, rather than for a diaper bag. I have adjusted my design in hopes that everything will better suit her needs! There is a strap for her computer sleeve; a large pocket on one side to help store her power cable if she chooses to bring it along; a pocket big enough for a notebook or loose papers; a pocket for a whole bunch of pens, pencils, or even markers; and on the outside are 2 side pockets and a divided pocket on the front for misc items and a covered spot for her cell phone.
It features Michael Miller's Chocolate/Teal Damask print and a matching solid chocolate.
This new design will close with side-release buckles rather than my usual magnetic snap to make sure her bag is extra secure for her computer.
Completed photos will be up over the weekend and this bag will be on it's way to its new home next week!

01 June 2009

Beyond the Sewing Machine at Mommie's Lil Peanut

Okay, so I know that this is a bit off topic from my normal posts here, but I thought that if I am going to keep up with my blog well, that I'm due for some not so "boring" posts.
I am a mother just like 99% of my customers and I'm sure many of you can appreciate some of the mothering "comments" that may follow.

I sat down today to better organize all of the things on my list of to-do's, for my business, my family, and for my job. I started with just a plain list of things I need to do each week around my house, for my daughter, and for my husband. Then I got my list of things for my business, including customs that are on my table, ones that are waiting in the wings, and also projects that need to get done for making in-stock items.

A good friend of mine, and actually one of my fellow admins on Bitty Fluff Congo, gave me some very great tips on organization of my life. I really needed to write everything down in one place and start to schedule time for everything that needs to get done.

Well, my daughter, Emily, is now 2 and 1/2 years old and basically runs the house and my life. I could schedule until the cows come home (no I don't really have cows), but at the end of the day, she tends to have conflicted with my strict plans. As all mother probably know, what would take a single woman 10 minutes to accomplish can often take an hour or more for a mother with our "handy-little-helper" around. Emily is now at the stage of wanting to do every single thing that Mommie does and have her little nose in everything.
When I need to clean up the kitchen, she is happily helping me by removing all the forks and spoons from the silverware drawer. When I need to clean up her toys, she is immediately taking things back out as though they BELONG on the floor. I pull out the vacuum and I get a "rider". I am switching over laundry and have to keep removing a child that's halfway in the dryer trying to "save" her favorite animal or shirt.

At the end of the day, I am exhausted and look around wondering what exactly I got accomplished today. Somehow in the midst of taking care of a house and a child, I am also making time to sit at my sewing table and create things for other people and their children. Yet, I can't remember the last time I made something for myself or my own family. Every product that comes off my sewing, tries to be claimed by my daughter. She wants to put on every bag and every article of clothing I make. Unfortunately, everything I create right now is far too small for her. She wants to put on all of my newborn sized hats and gets very upset and frustrated when they don't fit.

Finally a couple days ago I sat down, cleared off all my work stuff, and made my daughter a shirt. The very first thing I have made for her in over a year. How sad, right? Well, it was just a plain t-shirt, nothing fancy, but I used a strawberry shortcake knit that SHE had picked out. When she woke up the next morning and saw it she got a little excited. When I told her it was for HER, she cried. "For EMILY??", she said. "Yes," I said, "for Emily, from Mommie." She was SO happy and going crazy over this little thing I made for her that it brought tears to my eyes.

I guess that is the part that I will always MISS by sending things to people I'll never get to meet. I never get to see any reaction when they get it. More often than not, I never hear from them again. I never know if they loved what I made or even if they hated it. I don't get to see the joy or the excited from a child recieving something new made JUST FOR THEM.

I suppose I wish I could hand-deliver everything...

Anyway, as I go off on a tangent...
I am always searching for my 30-hour day to accomplish all the things I would like to do and making all the things I would like to make AND wishing that a little more often I could enjoy the excitement that one of my crafts might bring to someone else...

I will always enjoy crafting things for all of my fantastic customers, but I just hope that a few more would let me know how they enjoy their stuff. I know I can't ask everyone to send me a smiling picture, but they are always appreciated if they were to come!

Thanks for listening, if you got this far. I promise not to babble too much between updates. Just thought someone might care to hear a little more about the life away from my sewing table!

31 May 2009

Fallon's Bag Almost Complete!

Almost done! My new batch of strapping just came in so Fallon's bag will get an adjustable strap with my special shoulder pad, the messenger style cover flap, and the key hook and it will be done! I've already created her matching changing pad with super yummy soft light blue minky and her large wetbag (sorry, it's not in the picture). Pack all that up with the other wetbag I have on my list to create for her and her brand new custom Lil Peanut Pack will be on it's way to its new home!
As happens to me at the end of every project, I cross my fingers and hope that awesome customer is as excited and happy about her bag as I have been creating it for her!

28 May 2009

Now that I am sitting down and really working on my blog again, I thought it would be cool to re-cap some of the things I missed showing you all this time. So, here they are!

This was a more recent custom I did. Another one of my favorite prints- Michael Miller's Carnival Bloom. This set featured my new messenger-style diaper bag and included a matching changing pad with dark pink minky and a small snap-in wetbag. The snap-in feature is a patent-pending idea by Sabrina of Lucky Mama, who has graciously allowed me to offer this to my customers!

More things to come... just have some work to get done!

Amanda's Custom Wetbag

Here is the small custom wetbag I made for my friend and fellow Congo-mate, Amanda. It features one of my favorite prints, the BEAUTIFUL Michael Miller Ginger Blossom Water Lilies.

I was so excited to use this fabric that I made TWO! One is listed for sale at A La Mode Congo on HyenaCart.
You can check it out here!

Stocking Tonight At A La Mode Congo

27 May 2009

Fallon's Messenger Bag In Progress

Well, I wanted to add some new photos today, but my camera battery is now sitting on the charger, so I'll have to share some from a couple days ago.
This is my latest custom diaper bag in the great messenger style! I know it doesn't LOOK like a bag yet, nevermind like a MESSENGER BAG yet, but it's coming along!
The outer shell is complete and together and the inside is all complete except for the bottom. Unfortunately those were the pictures I wanted to take tonight and can't while I wait for my camera. They will be up tomorrow!

22 May 2009

Back in Business

Well, after careful consideration about my new machine purchase, I decided to go with the plain sewing machine rather than the sewing AND embroidery machine that I have been drooling over. That was just something that was not cost effective for me and my business at the moment. Besides, it just added an extra feature that I would be dying to play around with and I just don't have the time. :(

I'm already days behind on work and really don't want to disappoint my customers! If I had chosen another machine, it would not have arrived until the end of next week or even later. Well, that would just NOT do with all the things I have in line on my sewing table.

So, my new sewing machine is here and I will be back toiling away getting caught up on my customs list and on all the great items I wanted to post for stocking on Bitty Fluff and A La Mode Congos. Oh, and of course on Mommie's Lil Peanut on HyenaCart! I have been neglecting to finish the setup of my store, and I really want to get it stocked soon! So stayed tuned to MommiesLilPeanut for some great stuff coming! :)

20 May 2009

My Poor Machine

My daughter decided on Friday that she was really going to help Mommie work. Well, let's just say, she is NOT a perfect helper. In fact, quite the opposite. Wanting to sit on Mommie's lap and a pair of fast little hands to my sewing machine and, presto, something went haywire.

I spent a long time over the weekend trying to assess the damage and figure out why the upper thread was no longer catching in the bobbin casing. I thought it was a lost cause. I got my old mechanical 10 stitch machine out of the closet and revved it up hoping thinking that I could just use that to finish my work until I could fix my good machine.

Hmm, no such luck. I am missing important stitches that I have come to rely on with my fancier, computerized sewing machine, and I forgot how much a mechanical one clanks around. It made too much noise to work at night. Big problem, when a majority of my sewing is done after bedtime.

I took another crack at servicing my good machine and thought I had actually fixed it. I put it back on my table, loaded on my thread, did a practice run, everything looked great. I begin to get back to work and very shortly after I found that everything was going haywire AGAIN.

I fiddled around with it some more and got it going okay for a few minutes, sewing VERY VERY slowly. No good. I might as well have been stitching by hand. This was just going to take too long and I can't risk this machine freaking out and eating one of my custom orders or something.

So I had to take it back off the table, email everyone I could think of that I am working on things for or are lined up to do work for to let them know I hit a snag, and then start searching out a new sewing machine.

I need to decide quickly what I am going to buy as I need it like yesterday. I was thinking that if I am going to get a new machine anyway, I might as well upgrade to something I have been looking at that also does embroidery. I'd like to try my hand at that, at least for things for my family. However, the cost seems a bit prohibitive. I can't decide if it is smarter to just buy a sewing machine to replace this broken one for the moment and buy a combo later when I have saved up for it, or if I should just try to splurge now and get the combo upgrade. Decisions, decisions...

Well, I have to make up my mind by tomorrow as I am really falling behind on everything on my list of things to sew, so I guess I will be updating again later with the outcome of my dilemma!

18 May 2009


I am finally back on my blog and promise to actually keep up with it better this time! I am pretty busy right now with lots of goodies coming off my sewing table. I'll finally be posting custom item updates and photos HERE for easy reference and to help bring together a sort of "blog-folio" of my work!
Some of the customs I am currently working on will be listed on the sidebar and I will update when I can where we are in the transaction. This way, if you're on my list and are curious what I am up to, all you have to do is come check here!

I have so many great new things I want to show everyone and sadly so many things I missed sharing with everyone all this time, but I hope to make up for that soon!

Thanks for stopping by and if you don't know who I am or what my products are all about, PLEASE come check out my handmade items at www.mommieslilpeanut.com! It is a HyenaCart store, if you are familiar with the site, and I am also a proud vendor at two awesome Congos that are linked to from my store- Bitty Fluff Congo and A La Mode Congo. Go check them out; you WON'T be disappointed!