05 September 2008

31 August 2008

Kim G's bag in progress!

Here are some "in production" photos of my latest custom. I LOVE the prints- Michael Miller's Carnival bloom and Cha Cha Stripe. **I might just have to make myself a bag in these prints, I like them so much! :)
Sorry I haven't otherwise been updating lately...
I am in the process of packing for our big move from NY to GA at the end of September! Unfortunately, with all the things I have to do and the sewing that needs to be finished, blogging has not been my first priority. :( I promise to keep up better when we are settled in our new home!
Anyway, on to the photos!

01 August 2008

Slight Changes...

Rebecca's bag has had a MAKEOVER! Now her beautiful and unique cowboy print is clearly displayed on her flap, which was designed longer, per her request. We realized that the first try around, the longer flap was completely masking the beautiful print, so I have gone back and appliqued a large panel of the print to the canvas flap so that it gives the appearance of being "framed". Now all it needs is the stroller strap attachment and it's really to be off to its new home. I am expecting the rest of the materials today! All future bags will have the updated stroller strap system when added to their basic bag design. :)

11 July 2008

Lindsy's Bag is ALMOST DONE!

Here are the photos... will post more description when I get back from dinner!
The drawstring idea has been scraped for the moment and the photo removed. I have a great alternative in the works, but It will not be posted until a later time.

05 July 2008

Clarissa's Bag is DONE!!!

My second tester bag is FINISHED and the pictures are READY! Things are going along much faster now that I've had a few bags to work on, so I'm not sitting there trying to FIGURE OUT how to make everything work.

This is my first attempt at the double stroller straps and I hope that they work well for her. I was really excited about the design and would like to make it a standard option for future bags, if it gets a good review!

(Pardon the wrinkles I just noticed are visible in the last photo... a touch with the iron will get rid of those in a jiff!)

03 July 2008

Kim's Bag Is DONE!!!

Finally!!!! My first tester bag is COMPLETE!!! Here are the pics! :)
The post office will unfortunately be closed tomorrow but I am hoping they are open on Saturday to get your bag out to you, Kim.
I will be working on Clarissa's bag tonight and hopefully the last three bags will be done before Monday so I can get them out to everyone then! :)

17 June 2008

Clarissa's Bag In Progress!

Just wanted to post the photos of the work I got done this afternoon on Clarissa's bag!
Both cup pockets on the outside have been added and I happened to have an extra zipper around that matched PERFECTLY to add the front zip pocket :) So I was happy to get that done...
The flap is also done, although the snap has NOT yet been added as I'm waiting on that with all the rest of the notions.

The inner pockets have all been ASSEMBLED but not sewn onto the lining panels just yet...

16 June 2008

My little side project while I waited. I really liked these crazy bright prints and bought them about a year ago, but never got around to really using them. I Made a cart cover out of it last year but never ended up using it, so it's sitting here along with the rest of my fabric... anywho... I started to make it into a bag :). I don't think I'll post it as an instock- unless someone voices any interest in the bright colors:giggle2: but just thought I would share anyhow!

I also purchased some fabric for a few instocks- here are 2 prints that I will be making 2 bags from with opposite fabric configurations. My FAVORITE stripe print and the coordinating floral...

More fabric has arrived!

Lindsy's fabric is here for her tester bag!

Rebecca's print is here as well (now I'm just waiting on the nutmeg material to arrive with the notions):

Clarissa's material has been CUT and I'm in the process of assembling the pockets and what I can before the zippers and everything gets here. (Will post pics later)

I also purchased some extra fabric to reduce shipping costs on a custom and so that I have some beautiful prints to put together for a few in stocks when I can get around to putting them together!
I would like to have them done in a week or two and get them posted when my testers are completed...
Here are a few photos to peek anyone's interest! :)
(The first 2 sets are Alexander Henry prints. The last set is Amy Butler.)

Fabric is here!

I have received both Kim and Clarissa's fabric! Kim's fabric has been cut and all pockets have been added. Clarissa's fabric has been cut and is awaiting further work tomorrow.
I am waiting on all of my notions (zippers, snaps, straps, etc) to arrive from Joann's, before I can continue construction.
Here are some IN PROGRESS PHOTOS of Kim's bag:

Clarissa's fabrics are HERE :)I will post more 'in progress' photos as I can!

I would also like to thank the mamas that have contacted me already about being on my Customs List!
I am looking forward to everyone's projects and hope to be getting everything done as quickly as possible.