11 July 2008

Lindsy's Bag is ALMOST DONE!

Here are the photos... will post more description when I get back from dinner!
The drawstring idea has been scraped for the moment and the photo removed. I have a great alternative in the works, but It will not be posted until a later time.

05 July 2008

Clarissa's Bag is DONE!!!

My second tester bag is FINISHED and the pictures are READY! Things are going along much faster now that I've had a few bags to work on, so I'm not sitting there trying to FIGURE OUT how to make everything work.

This is my first attempt at the double stroller straps and I hope that they work well for her. I was really excited about the design and would like to make it a standard option for future bags, if it gets a good review!

(Pardon the wrinkles I just noticed are visible in the last photo... a touch with the iron will get rid of those in a jiff!)

03 July 2008

Kim's Bag Is DONE!!!

Finally!!!! My first tester bag is COMPLETE!!! Here are the pics! :)
The post office will unfortunately be closed tomorrow but I am hoping they are open on Saturday to get your bag out to you, Kim.
I will be working on Clarissa's bag tonight and hopefully the last three bags will be done before Monday so I can get them out to everyone then! :)