23 July 2009

Stocking Day at A La Mode!

Well, look at this... I am so behind on keeping everyone up-to-date on all the fun stuff coming off my sewing table! I'm so ashamed.
I have just been plugging away at so many different things here and there and rushing to make sure that I ship things quickly and return emails quickly and make new fun stuff for all the places that I stock my items. Now I have been neglecting to share all that stuff with you!

I guess I will start today by showing a few things that I am stocking TODAY on A La Mode Congo
(http://hyenacart.com/alamode). To keep my spirits up between long-winded bag creations, I have started creating some smaller accessory items just to keep myself pumped up about new things! It is nice to have a project that I can plan, pattern, start AND FINISH in one afternoon or evening. :)

I know I am not the only diaper bag creator and, well, not EVERYONE needs a diaper bag, or even a wants a handmade one. Some are just content with finding something commercial that works for them and that's great in my humble opinion! Honestly, the main reason I started crafting diaper bags was because I just couldn't find that "thing" that completely suited my needs- SO, I made one instead and grew from there!
That is just about how all of my fun projects come to life. If I can't find what I want, I make it, then I share it with others!

Anyhow, on to the goodies for A La Mode's stocking tonight at 8pm:
First up is a bi-fold wallet featuring a beautiful floral print and stripes from Amy Butler's Lotus Collection

Next up are 2 fun eyeglass sleeves. BOTH are up for 48 HOUR AUCTION!!! Come sign up while you can!
There is a bumblee print one for children, lined with super soft fleece to protect their lenses from scratches. That one is IS actually big enough to fit small to medium sized adult glasses- as my own glasses fit inside it, but I thought the print was more fun for a child so I sized it slightly shorter than my usual pattern.

The other is an adult sized sleeve with my all-time-favorite stripe fabric. I used this SAME fabric on my OWN back pack diaper bag (the very first one I made). However, I no longer have the selvage edge to properly acknowledge the fabric designer. :( If anyone knows who it belongs to I would love to hear! It is lined in a light green cotton and stuffed with a layer of batting to add some protection for your eye (or sun) glasses.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, maybe my most favorite item this stocking....
Inspired by my favorite pair of jeans, this little zippered bag is made of shabby chic denim! Featuring a fun little strap handle that you can wear around your wrist, this bag is great for any jean-loving lady! No colors to match, it's just denim and a black handle.
Use it at a purse- it is quite roomy- or even as a fun make-up holder. Whatever you decide, just like your favorite jeans, this little number should stand up to a lot of abuse!

03 July 2009

Lil Mommie Diaper Bag Set!

I always love to see little things like this that help children imitate their grown-ups! I know my daughter LOVES to do every single thing that I do. She even has to have a purse that looks just like mine. So I was really excited to come up with this cute Lil Mommie Diaper Bag Set! It features the ever-adorable Strawberry Shortcake and is just the right size for a toddler/small child to baby her little dolls, including 2 mini cloth wipes and a mini burp cloth both backed with Bamboo Terry, a mini blanket backed with soft Cuddle Plush Minky, a roll up mini changing pad, and a generously sized mini tote bag to carry it all and more!
It is available for purchase on A La Mode Congo at http://hyenacart.com/alamode under my vendor header "Mommie's Lil Peanut" for anyone that might be interested in it!

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