31 May 2009

Fallon's Bag Almost Complete!

Almost done! My new batch of strapping just came in so Fallon's bag will get an adjustable strap with my special shoulder pad, the messenger style cover flap, and the key hook and it will be done! I've already created her matching changing pad with super yummy soft light blue minky and her large wetbag (sorry, it's not in the picture). Pack all that up with the other wetbag I have on my list to create for her and her brand new custom Lil Peanut Pack will be on it's way to its new home!
As happens to me at the end of every project, I cross my fingers and hope that awesome customer is as excited and happy about her bag as I have been creating it for her!

28 May 2009

Now that I am sitting down and really working on my blog again, I thought it would be cool to re-cap some of the things I missed showing you all this time. So, here they are!

This was a more recent custom I did. Another one of my favorite prints- Michael Miller's Carnival Bloom. This set featured my new messenger-style diaper bag and included a matching changing pad with dark pink minky and a small snap-in wetbag. The snap-in feature is a patent-pending idea by Sabrina of Lucky Mama, who has graciously allowed me to offer this to my customers!

More things to come... just have some work to get done!

Amanda's Custom Wetbag

Here is the small custom wetbag I made for my friend and fellow Congo-mate, Amanda. It features one of my favorite prints, the BEAUTIFUL Michael Miller Ginger Blossom Water Lilies.

I was so excited to use this fabric that I made TWO! One is listed for sale at A La Mode Congo on HyenaCart.
You can check it out here!

Stocking Tonight At A La Mode Congo

27 May 2009

Fallon's Messenger Bag In Progress

Well, I wanted to add some new photos today, but my camera battery is now sitting on the charger, so I'll have to share some from a couple days ago.
This is my latest custom diaper bag in the great messenger style! I know it doesn't LOOK like a bag yet, nevermind like a MESSENGER BAG yet, but it's coming along!
The outer shell is complete and together and the inside is all complete except for the bottom. Unfortunately those were the pictures I wanted to take tonight and can't while I wait for my camera. They will be up tomorrow!

22 May 2009

Back in Business

Well, after careful consideration about my new machine purchase, I decided to go with the plain sewing machine rather than the sewing AND embroidery machine that I have been drooling over. That was just something that was not cost effective for me and my business at the moment. Besides, it just added an extra feature that I would be dying to play around with and I just don't have the time. :(

I'm already days behind on work and really don't want to disappoint my customers! If I had chosen another machine, it would not have arrived until the end of next week or even later. Well, that would just NOT do with all the things I have in line on my sewing table.

So, my new sewing machine is here and I will be back toiling away getting caught up on my customs list and on all the great items I wanted to post for stocking on Bitty Fluff and A La Mode Congos. Oh, and of course on Mommie's Lil Peanut on HyenaCart! I have been neglecting to finish the setup of my store, and I really want to get it stocked soon! So stayed tuned to MommiesLilPeanut for some great stuff coming! :)

20 May 2009

My Poor Machine

My daughter decided on Friday that she was really going to help Mommie work. Well, let's just say, she is NOT a perfect helper. In fact, quite the opposite. Wanting to sit on Mommie's lap and a pair of fast little hands to my sewing machine and, presto, something went haywire.

I spent a long time over the weekend trying to assess the damage and figure out why the upper thread was no longer catching in the bobbin casing. I thought it was a lost cause. I got my old mechanical 10 stitch machine out of the closet and revved it up hoping thinking that I could just use that to finish my work until I could fix my good machine.

Hmm, no such luck. I am missing important stitches that I have come to rely on with my fancier, computerized sewing machine, and I forgot how much a mechanical one clanks around. It made too much noise to work at night. Big problem, when a majority of my sewing is done after bedtime.

I took another crack at servicing my good machine and thought I had actually fixed it. I put it back on my table, loaded on my thread, did a practice run, everything looked great. I begin to get back to work and very shortly after I found that everything was going haywire AGAIN.

I fiddled around with it some more and got it going okay for a few minutes, sewing VERY VERY slowly. No good. I might as well have been stitching by hand. This was just going to take too long and I can't risk this machine freaking out and eating one of my custom orders or something.

So I had to take it back off the table, email everyone I could think of that I am working on things for or are lined up to do work for to let them know I hit a snag, and then start searching out a new sewing machine.

I need to decide quickly what I am going to buy as I need it like yesterday. I was thinking that if I am going to get a new machine anyway, I might as well upgrade to something I have been looking at that also does embroidery. I'd like to try my hand at that, at least for things for my family. However, the cost seems a bit prohibitive. I can't decide if it is smarter to just buy a sewing machine to replace this broken one for the moment and buy a combo later when I have saved up for it, or if I should just try to splurge now and get the combo upgrade. Decisions, decisions...

Well, I have to make up my mind by tomorrow as I am really falling behind on everything on my list of things to sew, so I guess I will be updating again later with the outcome of my dilemma!

18 May 2009


I am finally back on my blog and promise to actually keep up with it better this time! I am pretty busy right now with lots of goodies coming off my sewing table. I'll finally be posting custom item updates and photos HERE for easy reference and to help bring together a sort of "blog-folio" of my work!
Some of the customs I am currently working on will be listed on the sidebar and I will update when I can where we are in the transaction. This way, if you're on my list and are curious what I am up to, all you have to do is come check here!

I have so many great new things I want to show everyone and sadly so many things I missed sharing with everyone all this time, but I hope to make up for that soon!

Thanks for stopping by and if you don't know who I am or what my products are all about, PLEASE come check out my handmade items at www.mommieslilpeanut.com! It is a HyenaCart store, if you are familiar with the site, and I am also a proud vendor at two awesome Congos that are linked to from my store- Bitty Fluff Congo and A La Mode Congo. Go check them out; you WON'T be disappointed!