22 May 2009

Back in Business

Well, after careful consideration about my new machine purchase, I decided to go with the plain sewing machine rather than the sewing AND embroidery machine that I have been drooling over. That was just something that was not cost effective for me and my business at the moment. Besides, it just added an extra feature that I would be dying to play around with and I just don't have the time. :(

I'm already days behind on work and really don't want to disappoint my customers! If I had chosen another machine, it would not have arrived until the end of next week or even later. Well, that would just NOT do with all the things I have in line on my sewing table.

So, my new sewing machine is here and I will be back toiling away getting caught up on my customs list and on all the great items I wanted to post for stocking on Bitty Fluff and A La Mode Congos. Oh, and of course on Mommie's Lil Peanut on HyenaCart! I have been neglecting to finish the setup of my store, and I really want to get it stocked soon! So stayed tuned to MommiesLilPeanut for some great stuff coming! :)

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