08 September 2009

Custom Small Messenger Bag

Sorry for the couple "in the works" photos! I really had fun creating this bag, despite the many "hiccups" I had while creating it. It was scaled smaller than my usual bags because the mama didn't need it to be a diaper bag. I really like the sizing and hope to create some more of this particular design both for my shop AND maybe even one for ME!
This bag also features my change in design for the flap of the bag- with a frame of solid fabric around the edges to break up the chaos of a print and also allow me to nicely attach the second design alteration, the buckle closure!
I have had ENOUGH of those crazy magnetic snaps- just HATE them. They are a pain to add in and I find them a pain to use, besides them not allowing for any adjustment in the flap if you need to stuff that one extra thing inside.

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